Who am I

Thank you for visiting my blog!

This is a place where i post (or should i say re-post?) the photos i post in my 500px and flickr accounts, yet with a much longer description and my thoughts and experiences from the places i’ve taken them.

A few words about me. I was born in the plains of Thessaly, in central Greece, even though my origin is from the high mountains of Epirus. Yet, in one of those strange turns of life events I was conquered by the sea.

Self taught and amateur. I am trying to depict the beauties of the world around me in a realistic yet artistic ways. Since l am intrigued by everything technical and technological, the world of photography, optics and digital post processing opened a whole new sea of knowledge, personal satisfaction and fulfilment.

I haven’t followed, yet, any workshops and all the knowledge I have gathered so far comes by following the work of other photographers, studying various photography books, through the good way of trying, evaluating, (most of the times) failing and correcting and through constructive comments in photo sharing sites like 500px or flickr.

Hope you will enjoy the things I share with you!

If someone would like to use my photos, in any size and without watermarks, or would like a print please contact me in my email eliaslar@gmail.com

Mokbar 😉


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