A boy with a bicycle and a sunset with clouds and reflections

The Boy With The Bicycle

One of my most favourite photos is the boy with the bicycle, following below. The colours on the sky and the reflections on the wet road caught my eye in the first place. Then there is the boy on his bicycle, which the exposure gave the slight feeling of movement, to complete the frame.

A boy with a bicycle and a sunset with clouds and reflections

The boy with the bicycle, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

When I saw the photo in full size I found one more, unexpected, gem. A distant seagull flying over the waves. Quite small but visible if someone will zoom in. For a bigger resolution of the photo please check my pages in 500px and Flickr.

Hmm…let’s talk a bit about that day and some of the “backstage” of the photo.

It was mid May in Milina (Μηλίνα), Pelion (Πήλιο). The day had started with a heavy dark sky, a strong wind and an extremely rough sea. Yet, some time before the sunset little gaps opened in the clouds, which the light of the sun instantly filled. The dull day would probably end in some glorious sunset! The gaps were growing fast so I grabbed the chance for some remarkable moments!

With my camera around my neck I walked the short distance from my home to the seaside. The waves had created ponds of water on the street, big enough for their surface to ripple by the blowing wind. “Angry” springs were flushing on both sides of the road, since the waves, which had flooded the drainage system, were thrusting through the gaps of the manholes.

An impressive and dynamic scenery I must admit.

l decided to walk through the yard of the church. Two kids on their bicycles were cheerfully approaching, among water and waves, on the seaside road. It was an instant shot. They caught me by surprise and I didn’t have time to prepare a better framing, so I lost the first kid but I managed to have the second kid on the left part of the frame. It proved to be better than what I expected, since the reflection of the bench was left intact!

A song for this post Brian Crain – Dream of Flying


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