the shipwreck of Dimitrios in Githeio (Gytheio), Mani. The black and white (bw) ship and the drama


The title may seem to be abstract or irrelevant with the post, yet it’s somehow related. I was trying to find a title for the following photo. My mind was a bit shallow today morning. So I called in the cavalry.

I turned to my girlfriend who was reading her book and asked her to show me the page she was reading that moment, which was in Lithuanian by the way. The title would come from a nice, random word or phrase from the text.

Sunset in Milina, Sipias, Pelion, a rough sea a cloudy sky and emotions

Nesijaudink,a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

I scanned the page with my eyes and since my Lithuanian is really poor, needless to say nonexistent, I had a couple of…unsuccessful (funny) results, before I find the word “nesijaudink” which means “don’t worry”. I was intrigued!

It came as a flash. “Whenever you feel dull just look at the sky. The game of light, clouds, the sun and the sea can have just a meaning. Don’t worry.” That’s the description under the photo in flickr and 500px.

The “nesijaudink” was made with a ND4 Heliopan filter and the help of a little tripod, which, the strong wind, turned useless after some point. The final touch was done in Photoshop.

the shipwreck of Dimitrios in Githeio (Gytheio), Mani. The black and white (bw) ship and the drama

Time Travel, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

“Time travel” is a much different story. This is the shipwreck of “Dimitrios”, in Gythio, Mani, Greece. There are many stories behind this ship and how it became a wreck. The most possible though is that it was used for cigarette smuggling and when the disaster happened, it was just left to rot on the beach.

Another story claims that the ship was abandoned, by the ship owners, after the captain was hospitalized. The port authorities decided to anchor it before it was finally drifted, by the extreme weather, to its current position on the beach.

However the disaster became an attraction and up to this day there are many wonderful photos of this ship.

The original photo was not promising at all! It looked somehow…dull and the sky was too bright. So i chose to turn it into a black & white and brighten it up to the point that the photo, except the main theme, to become white!

Song of the day Fool’s Garden – Yellow Lemon Tree


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