Kalambaka and the rocks of Meteora with snowy Pindos on the background, a wonderful day in Thessaly, Central Greece

A photography storm

It’s been so many days since my last post and it’s been even more days since the last moment I checked the posts from the blogs I am following.

The following photos were shot the last weeks.

“Near Athens” was taken in Aspropyrgos, Attiki. Although the place is not what would be described as “magical” or “ideal”, there are some nice spots to have a good shot of the sunset with some sea and, whenever available, clouds. Of course one must forget that some hundreds of meters behind him/her there is a huge industrial block, but it’s pretty nice that the waterfront was kept clear and available to the residents and visitors. I almost forgot to mention the fish taverns that occupy (in a pleasant and delicious way) a good part of the area!

To make the following photo, i blended two photos with different exposures in Photoshop. I had 3 exposures, in order to create a HDR, but at some point i decided to ditch one of them and blend the other two in order to have a more “realistic” result.

Sunset in Aspropyrgos, Athens, Attiki, warm tones on the sky and photoshop to blend the images

Near Athens, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

Last week, since it was a long weekend, we decided to visit Larisa, Thessaly and the nearby Meteora. I grew up in Larisa, but this year the city surprised me in a pleasant way!

Back in 2002, the plants of the city had been destroyed by the ice. Then the mayor, who remains in his seat since 1998 (in some kind of live simcity game), decided to plant 1050 Magnolia trees in the streets of the city! A great decision with an even greater visible outcome!

Enough about Larisa. Meteora, is a block of rocks reaching almost 500m above earth level. On them there is a monastic community. The first traces of the community reach back in the 12th century and since then the number of the monasteries reached the number of 20. The main characteristic and the impressive fact is that the monasteries seem to be crafted, instead of built, on the rocks. 6 monasteries remain inhabited to our days.

The following photo was taken from the garden of the “Megalo Meteoro” (Great Meteoro) monastery. In that place i really love the feeling of “flying” over the plains or as the greek word meteora means, to hover over them. The eye can reach too many kilometers away and some days it’s really amazing to watch the weather in different parts of this land.

Kalambaka and the rocks of Meteora with snowy Pindos on the background, a wonderful day in Thessaly, Central Greece

Meteorizein, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

All the photos on this page were uploaded in my flickr and 500px pages. You can see them in full size there.

And a beautiful song i heard a couple of days ago on the radio! Royksopp featuring Susanne Sundfor – Running to the sea


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