Early morning activities vs daily routine

One of the last summer mornings in Skopelos, I decided to get up a bit earlier than normal so as to be able to catch the sunrise and enjoy those moments. The decision was made easier since the room we had was looking to the east and the sun would, normally (!), pop just behind Alonnisos. This is where the photo above was shot. From the balcony of our room and yes I was envying the people in that sail boat that had just left the harbour. For the ones who didn’t notice that, almost in the center and a bit to the right of the photo, there is a sail boat.

I will drift from the summer mood and I will move into daily working mood. A few hours ago I was on the verge of smashing my laptop. After a full 9 hour work on a spreadsheet and while I was ready to call it a day. I did my final manual save just to realize that something was not quite well. The “save” was taking more than normal and that damn hourglass was there and was not going away. It was just swirling around in a growing painful way. After a few minutes of waiting I pressed on the “close window” button, so as to recover the file from the last save (yes I keep on saving manually…a lot, though not on a different file each time, lessons learned now though!) just to receive the “not responding” message followed by a face palm. Great!

No biggie I thought. I will restart and recover. The program started again, everything was smooth, I selected, from the list, the file to be recovered and then with terror I saw…nothing! Second face palm! There was no data on the spreadsheet, it was blank and empty. Swears and curses of total annihilation and destruction against the unknown programmer reached the skies. After the initial shock and while the thought that I would have to repeat all the lost work had started gaining ground on my mind, I gave a last shot by looking in the folder I had been working on.

Among the usual files, I found a file with temporary extension and another one with no extension so I decided to open that one and…voila! Everything was there, including the last edit I made in a cell before the fateful save. Just for the story, in the temporary file there were the data I had but without the last edit in the cell. A happy end either way!

Some months ago I gave a try in google docs and Microsoft’s outlook online word and excel. A good experience but I am not such a huge fan of working on my documents on the so called cloud. I have no problem about the photos or any other info I choose to post and share online. But a document with serious info…well…no! An info online stays online no matter how well hidden it is or how strongly encrypted it is. This means it’s not safe any more! Call me old fashioned but I feel safer offline.

Song time!


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