Let’s have a walk…on the lake!

Being in Vilnius and not visiting Trakai and lake Galve is almost a sin! It’s a wonderful escape from the walls of the old city and the malls of the modern part of it.

This visit was a bit challenging though. I had in mind the wonderful and serene lake I saw in June and I was wondering how that landscape would have changed, since everything around me was covered in snow and ice. I was expecting to see water with ice near the shore and try to have some photos with reflections but…I was proved wrong and my expectations proved to be much lower and different from what i found! I had ice and snow but no water!

The lady of lake Galve had decided to put on her winter dress and cover herself under a layer of ice and snow. And not just near the shores but in every single part of the lake that I was able to see.

People were actually (and still are of course!) able to cross the lake and go to the other side on foot. Pretty impressive I would say.

Winter trees

Winter trees, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

After a walk around the castle we decided that a hot beverage and a dish of the traditional kybynlar (the plural of kybyn in Karaim), or Kibinas (in Lithuanian), a half-moon shaped leavened paste cake with fillings of pork, beef, chicken or vegies, was what we should have before the return to Vilnius. Yummy..!


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