Home sweet home!

Santa stole Xmas

Santa stole Xmas, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

A long time has passed since my last post. A new year has come, a long and tiring 40day work (not business!) trip finally came to an end and now i am back home! Hooray! I might have been away for Christmas but i was back home just in time (some hours actually) before the New Year’s eve!

Where was i? In Cyprus! In winterless and warm Cyprus! This might make some of people jealous, yet the 24oC on Christmas day were a bit unnatural for me. I could even feel myself sweat under the sun and i am sure this sweat was not caused by the excessive consumption of the traditional “sheftalia”! By the way, I highly recommend this kebab like food for the meat lovers accompanied with some of the wonderful local KEO beer or some red wine.

How it feels like being home again? Strange i think! I am not Sheldon Cooper, since i don’t have a (0,0,0,0) point on my sofa. But my home, or the place i call home, is always the centre of my life. So, being back to my familiar bed, sofa, kitchen and, of course, the toilet feels like gaining back the balance that was lost due to an obligatory and unavoidable moving to another place. The strangest moment whenever i return home, after spending a long time away from it, is the moment i must use the normal key, instead of that little and roundly shaped strange one i have for my locker at work, to open the front door. Once, I caught myself preparing to use my locker’s key to open the front door and yes i even laughed with myself when i understood what i was trying to do. Then comes the accursed moment, shortly after or during the opening of the door, that i come face to face with the pile of mails and bills. A pile which sometimes blocks the door since the old, and adorable, landowner is usually throwing my mail through the gap the door leaves with the floor. This moment is often followed by a short line of curses and “beep” words of course. Finally comes the wonderful moment when i leave the luggage on the floor, change clothes and have a deep dive on the bed or sofa not caring for the thick layer of dust gathered around me! Then i am sure i am away from work and i am back home for good!

Happy new year to all of you, my best wishes to you and your families and above all health to you all, that’s what counts the most!


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