Fuzzy keyboard and the new windows!

Fuzzy keyboard, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

Before i move further in my post, the photo above is from my keyboard. I think you can see some dirt on the keys 😛

What we’ve got here! New operating system! Welcome windows 8! It was a bit of an odyssey to install them though…Where should I begin from? Ahh right…there was a bit of triggering when I saw Microsoft’s 29 euro, windows 8 Pro offer, in their site. At first I didn’t pay much attention to it, why should I? I was happy with windows 7. Yet the marketing strategy was successful and the little tag was stamped in my subconcious.

Then I thought that in a few months the time for a new Desktop PC will come. And a new PC will need a new OS, especially if someone is building his own PC and not buying a branded one with the OS pre-installed. The idea of buying windows 8 in a really good price started gaining more ground.

I think that was the spark the little mechanic in the back of my mind, probably with the help of goblins, needed to start pulling his levers and pushing the buttons in the console in front of him. One afternoon I found myself downloading a windows 8 ISO and after a couple of days of intensive use in Virtualbox, the new OS proved to be more than promising. The applications I used in windows 7 seemed to be working flawlessly, my calendar, tasks, emails and contacts were always in front of me. The live tiles had almost everything I needed and used regularly and maybe more things than i thought. You may call it impatience or lust for the new technologies or you may just call it impatience. The decision was taken. I bought them and downloaded them.

The installation was a bit of an Oddysey. Not because it was too difficult or complicated, it was a matter of upgrading from the previous OS. But…more on that on tomorrow’s post!

PS Crucial role in the purchase and upgrade played Microsoft’s CEO, Steve Ballmer and his aggressive advertisement of the new features the new windows are gifted with! Check the following video 😉 😛

Yes…this guy is the CEO of one of the most influential and powerful companies on this planet!


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