the last rays of sun reflecting on the waves of the sea

Dancing red rays on the waves

When the rays of red dance on the waves
When the rays of red dance on the waves, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr
The photo above was taken a bit more than a year ago in Syros island, the capital of Cyclades. The wavy sea was a bit more dramatic, than the calm and almost still sea of the previous days, and the reflection of the setting sun was really looking like dancing on the ups and downs of the waves.
I realized there is no sharing in Google+ button in Flickr sharing menu! It would have been really useful to automatically share the Flickr posts with the Google+ page, one owns. There is not a +1 button in 500px either. I was reading that there was such a button in 500px but they removed it for some reason. Too bad…Facebook earns a point here since there is the “activity updates” function in the “Sharing & Extending” page of the Flickr account settings to keep things in order.
In Google+ someone must copy the link to his post and paste it in the sharing bar of the profile. This way the post can be shared, yet with no description automatically posted.
So I searched a bit and i found two scripts which were supposed to add the button and make things a bit easier. Well…not in chrome..! There was an error during the installation of the scripts. So i turned to Firefox. I installed the greasemonkey extension and one of the scripts worked!
The silent hooray disappeared though after a few moments since the shared post was not what i wished it to be. There is no embedded description or the title of the photo, as it happens with Facebook, there is just the url of the link (not so appealing right?). 
I really hope things will improve in the future. It’s really helpful to automatically share the posts or embed info on the shared posts.
I was listening the closing song almost every day while i was driving to work! The song is “Rapunzel” by “Novak” enjoy!

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