Rhodos castle main road, tourists, shadows, stones and light

Where the knights walked

Where the knights walked
Where the knights walked, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr.
Rhodos (Ρόδος, Rhodes etc), the island of the Colossus, the Hospitalers knights and many more things (that will follow in future posts). Today only the signs of the medieval past of the city are visible since the Colossus was destroyed by an earthquake in 226BC. Too bad! Of course the ancient past of Rhodos is obvious everywhere on the island. Lindos is the ancient acropolis of the island and a must see for every visitor.
The photo above was taken a couple of months ago, in the always crowded old town of Rhodos. It was my third time in the island and the only one during the high tourist season. In total contrast with the previous visits in the island, this time I found it crowded with tons of flocks of tourists and i was surprised when a taxi driver told me that things were not that good this year. Ok it’s not part of this post to analyse the tourist flow to Rhodos and the rest of Greece but it seems that everything is relevant. 
I can say i didn’t enjoy so much the old city this time. Of course i had a great time but all these visitors don’t really help to feel the pulse and the energy of the history of the walls and the towers. Imagination stops working when the beat of modern music (sometimes too loud…) interferes with the whispers of the past.
Back to monuments, except the Colossus there is another monument that didn’t make it to our days. It’s the 46m tall, Naillac tower, which received severe damage from the 19th century earthquakes and was demolished by the Ottoman administration…such a pity! Such a tower would dominate the port and would have a monumental status for the city and the island.
Naillac tower and Rhodes around 1830. Drawing by J.M.W. Turner, engraving by W. Finden taken from wikimedia commons

Song time! For today’s post Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus


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