a boy next standing next to a fisherman during sunset in a peaceful port

It crammed a few minutes later plus the fisherman’s friend

Today’s post in flickr and 500px comes from the Syros island. Since i spend in that island almost 2 months per year, due to work, it is inevitable not to photograph the beautiful spots in that part of the Aegean.

The photo above was taken in the little, but beautiful and picturesque, Kini. A village in the western part of Syros. The sun was about to set, the little tavern was about to open it’s doors and the old fisherman was patiently waiting for some fish to bite.

My friends were already looking for a place to sit while i was taking some photos of the little harbour painted with the wonderful and warm colours of the sunset.

That was our second visit to Kini and when i checked the photos from our first visit i was surprised to see that the old fisherman was sitting in exactly the same spot! Probably it’s part of his daily routine…i just cannot help myself not compare that to my daily routine in Athens and damn, i envy him so much.

The photo below was taken during our first visit there. The colours are colder but the recent rain and the water helped in the reflections on the ground. That time the old fisherman had a boy on his side watching him, instead of that motorbike parked behind him in the first photo.

The fisherman’s friend, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

By the way eating fresh fish with good company and ouzo is something precious..!

I think this post needs some sea music. Here we go Sivert Høyem – Into The Sea


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