Some luck is all we need!

Saturday today and a good morning post after a short break in mokbar. A super busy week kept me away from posting and from many many other things but thankfully all tasks were accomplished and everything is in order and running.
Just a lucky shot!
Just a lucky shot! by eliaslar, on Flickr

The lucky moment in the photo above was taken in Skopelos, during our vacations there. Thankfully the majestic and panoramic view from the balcony of the hotel gave me a good chance to make photos even from the bed!

Probably Skopelos didn’t need the Mamma mia! movie to become famous, although the movie gave a boost to the already good number of tourists visiting the island. A wonderful covered in green forests island, surrounded by lonely or crammed beaches. Quiet and vivid at the same time. The good part is that even the increased number of tourists didn’t ruin the feeling of relaxation and calmness in every single corner of that green dot on the blue canvas of the Aegean sea.

My breakfast
My breakfast by eliaslar, on Flickr (a photo uploaded some days ago)

The hotel was strategically placed near the city of Skopelos (with a 7 minute walk we were in the port), yet it was also in a good distance from the busy streets, the only noise that reached the room was the sound of waves breaking on the rocks 100m below us. A nourishing sound for the night and a calming sound for the day.

The following photo was taken in Athens, just in front of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus. Nothing can withstand the heatwave that, even now, boils everything! The poor birds were struggling to find some fresh water and that drinking water tap (for people of course) seemed to be inviting them to steal some drops from the people who were drinking as well from the same tap.

Lucky me, i was sitting in a bench just a few meters away and i had a good chance to make some photos of water drinking pigeons.

A birdy bird and the tap water
A birdy bird and the tap water by eliaslar, on Flickr

Today’s music list contains two songs. The “Waking Dream” by Natalie Walker and the “Something Inside” by Jonathan Rhys Meyer.  


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