Vilnius day

Before I start writing about Vilnius i would like to thank everyone who visited my first post in wordpress!

During my winter visit in Vilnius i was really lucky to feel the freezing cold weather of the north! I left from Athens with approximately 10oC (yes…mid winter and the temperature has 2 digits) and after a short staying in Frankfurt, I landed in Vilnius where I found the really cool temperature of -15oC! Quite a waking up shock!

Pancake Neris

Pancake Neris, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

No matter of the temperature and the ice, Vilnius had something in its atmosphere and feeling. It was not a dead city, it was vibrant even during the night, when the temperatures were even lower. In the pancake Neris photo (above) the temperature was close to -35oC…yeap…i think that was the coldest day of the winter. Cool 😛

There was one thing that I was really worried about when i was walking outside…it was the camera. Mostly because of the condensation it could gather in the body and the lens, due to the difference in the temperature. So I was keeping the camera mostly in my bag and I was using it only whenever there was the need to do it. Yet even this way, being in such low temperatures for many hours could be harmful.

Well the old and faithful Canon eos 450D was proved to be a really sturdy body and there were no problems!

Find the duck

Find the duck, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

Vilnius in June was really different and in a total contrasts from what it was a few months ago! If everything was white during the winter, in the summer everything was green! I thought that Holland is green, but Lithuania is greener! Neris now was not filled with the floating pancakes but it was surrounded with green trees and floating ducks.


Neris, a photo by eliaslar on Flickr

More on Vilnius will follow in future posts. Stay tuned! Especially for this post there will be two Lithuanian songs The first one is Leon Somov feat Jazzu – Tik Pasilik” and the second one is “Jieva – Mes Kartu”


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